iCOVET BRUNCH SERIES EVENT: Sunday, July 22nd from 11 – 1 P.M.

Click here to view more details about this iCOVET brunch.

Also be sure to look through our COVET SCHEDULE OF EVENTS page to learn about upcoming events with IS183’s Berkshire Residency Exchange (BRE).

 The  Berkshire Residency Exchange is IS183’s latest addition to its extensive visual  arts programming through a collaborative venture that brings emerging contemporary visual artists from around the world to the Berkshires each summer. In partnership with Omi International Arts Center, Project Art, and ArtBerkshires, the BRE creates a unique educational opportunity for the public through these four-week residencies designed for public interaction, community and cultural engagement.

Representing such diverse nations as the United Arab Emirates and the Philippines, and noted arts institutions such as California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), the BRE artists will share their work, process, and inspiration with the public, at Stonover Farm’s Barn Gallery, the site of IS183’s Soul Appetite gallery show.

Click here to learn more about is183’s Berkshire Residency Exchange program.


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