Statement on Negotiated Agreement with Mass AGO & Berkshire Museum

SAVE THE ART – SAVE THE MUSEUM Statement on Negotiated Agreement in Berkshire Museum Case The “compromise” agreement between Attorney General Maura Healey and the Berkshire Museum is flawed. It flouts all standards of museum best practices and fails to honor the Berkshire Museum’s duty to the community’s cultural past or its future generations. By […]


Lauren Mabry’s painterly, abstract, ceramic sculptures have been receiving national attention; featured on the cover of the May 2014 issue of Ceramics Monthly, and receiving in 2014 the Emerging Artist Award from the National Council on Education for Ceramic Arts. Lauren received her BFA from Kansas City Art Institute, and her MFA from the University […]


Lauren Fensterstock combines art historical references from French Baroque garden design theories to Minimalism and Land Art in her dense installations of handmade paper flowers, charcoal and plexiglass. Her meticulously built monochromatic gardens appear minimal from afar, but a closer look reveals a Victorian feminine attention to detail. Fensterstock presented her most current body of […]

FROM THE IAP BLOG: Tanya Marcuse’s photographic sculptures

by Martina Caruso Tanya Marcuse’s imaginative photographs possess the magic of teetering between plausible and implausible, life and death, and she has an undeniable signature style: a mix of dreamy romanticism and clinical exactness. On the occasion of her exhibition at Independent Art Projects, we invited Tanya to discuss the role photography plays in her […]

Boston MFA, deCordova Biennial 2012 & Harrison Street

This weekend I traveled to Boston with Sienna Patti of Sienna Gallery to visit South End galleries, the new MFA wing and the deCordova Biennial. We kicked off the visit in the 450 Harrison Street block of Galleries, which is a pedestrian area off of Harrison surrounded by galleries, stores and studios. Two photographers were […]

You can’t chew and talk at the same time, and there was a lot to chew on.

I have now been back in the beautiful Berkshires for two days and it is just now that I am beginning to digest my Miami experience. By the time day four of my trip rolled around, I completely lost the space and time to process all that I was taking in. Since my last post, […]

Aqua Preview-Miami 2011

It is amazing how each fair exists as a distinct ecosystem of culture. Don’t get me wrong, there is overlap. I overheard two collectors raving about Art Miami at Art Basel, but the vibration of each event is drastically different. This might be present in my mind because the two fairs I visited yesterday were so […]

Art Basel Preview 2011 Continued

After lunch on Lincoln Road with Molly Hatch, I returned for round two of the Basel preview, this time with the goal of hunting down something a little Berkshire. I started by stopping by Paul Kasmin, who recently presented a solo exhibition of Great Barrington artist Walton Ford’s work. Ford’s work was not on display, […]

Art Basel Preview 2011

I am at Art Basel, and it is an inundation of art, fashion and foreign languages. With only three aisles down, I am already finding it hard to discern pieces that are actually engaging, or just mere spectacle. My initial plan of attack was to let chance guide my way, which brought me to a […]

Miami Art Fairs 2011: Day Two

You meet the most random people in Miami. In 2007, while on a work trip for The Clark I was photographed at The Explorer’s Club by Patrick McMullen. Today, four years later, I end up standing next to him in the Basel press accreditation center. Small world. No matter where I go or what I […]

Miami Art Fairs 2011: Day One

My day began at 5am In Becket, MA, the quietest place on earth. Eighteen hours in, I find myself sitting in a PT Cruiser in a parking lot outside of Miami International Airport . No worries, I have not been highjacked. After unexpectedly playing art handler and wandering the streets in search of a coffee, […]

Tackling Miami Art Week 2011

by Rebecca Weinman As a newbie to this annual spectacle, the wealth of offerings is daunting to say the least. With numerous fairs, outdoor installations, not to mention the local galleries, trying to calculate a plan of attack feels comparable to organizing a ball pit. So I am defering to 25% chance and more experienced […]

ArtBerkshires Goes to Miami

Join ArtBerkshires as we cover the Winter 2011 Miami Art Fairs-from Art Basel and Art Miami to Fountain, Aqua and beyond. We have a woman on the street who will be checking in with Berkshire Artists, Gallerists and Collectors through out the week and giving you the scoop one of the biggest art events of […]