Miami Art Fairs 2011: Day One


My day began at 5am In Becket, MA, the quietest place on earth. Eighteen hours in, I find myself sitting in a PT Cruiser in a parking lot outside of Miami International Airport .

No worries, I have not been highjacked.

After unexpectedly playing art handler and wandering the streets in search of a coffee, I am keeping Leslie Ferrin of Ferrin Gallery company while we wait to pick up Giselle Hicks who will be represented by Ferrin at Art Miami, along with Sergei Isupov and Molly Hatch.

The first day has mainly been about adjustment, getting my physical and cultural bearings in this new environment. Unlike my quiet corner of the world, where the culture of franchises is well segregated from the ‘cultural’ culture, you can stand on a street corner in Miami and see street art in one direction, commissioned public art in the next wand a west elm in the next.

I am seeing inklings of of other Berkshireites, such as Tom and Stephanie Hoadley of Hoadley Gallery, who happened to be sharing my flight, and Schantz Gallery of Lenox, MA who is installed Art Miami.

Tomorrow I will be a aquiring my press passes and moving into full coverage and the

Wish me luck.






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