Miami Art Fairs 2011: Day Two

You meet the most random people in Miami.

In 2007, while on a work trip for The Clark I was photographed at The Explorer’s Club by Patrick McMullen. Today, four years later, I end up standing next to him in the Basel press accreditation center. Small world.

No matter where I go or what I do, it all seems to tie back to those rolling green hills of the Berkshires.

But enough about me, let’s talk Art Fairs.

After picking up and delivering the last two Ferrin artists, Molly Hatch and Sergei Isupov, I made my way to Miami Beach to pick-up the passes and catch the Design Miami press preview.

After glimpsing the scale of Basel, Design Miami’s  seemed much more precious. Mid-century modern pieces were predominant, which is not surprising since to my novice eye that aesthetic seems to be synonymous with contemporary high design these days. After the past few years of this style saturating low and high culture, I couldn’t help but glaze over it all a bit.

For me, the standout presentations were Ornamentum of Hudson’s display of David Clark’s re-appropriated silver, Tom Merrill of New York’s Jeanne Quinn installation, the Fendi installation, and the Liberty, Equality and Fraternity preview of the satelite exhibition.

After that initial run through, I headed back to the mainland to catch the Miami Museum of Contemporary Art’s Vanity Fair Party. I knew that I would bump into Heather Rose and Kevin Sprague of Studio Two, as well as Berkshire residents Ken DeLoreto and Ritch Holben. I didn’t expect to walk in and find the the extraordinary Norman Rockwell Museum Executive Director Laurie Norton Moffatt in the heart of the MoCA courtyard, along with her board president Thomas Pulling and his wife.

No matter where I go, there is the Berkshires.

Unfortunately, viewing the art on display at MoCA was almost impossible, and photographing it- a big no no, so I have little to share about the actual work on display.

After the VF party, I headed back down to mid-town to catch the tail end of the Art Miami opening. Within minutes of arriving I bumped into Berkshire based painter Joe Goodwin, who was taking in the fair with his partner Tony Chojnowski (of Casablanca), and Claudia Perles. I then popped over to Schantz Gallery of Stockbrdge  Art Miami booth, to introduce myself to owners Jim Schantz and Kim Saul.

The night wrapped up with dinner with the Ferrin crew at Mercadito and then some much needed rest. Tomorrow Art Basel preview and Aqua.

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