March 16, 2018
Martin Gammon: A New Vision plan: Museum, circa 1937

– by Martin Gammon, Berkshire Eagle

March 15, 2018
Hearing Set on Berkshire Museum Sales in Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

– by Andrew Russeth, ARTNEWS

March 15, 2018
SJC sets Tuesday hearing on Berkshire Museum art sale

– Larry Parnass, Berkshire Eagle

March 14, 2018
Museum ‘compromise’ is a bad deal for Berkshire County
– OPINION, Donald A. MacGillis, Boston Globe

March 12, 2018
What will justice Lowy decide and the room where it happens. One last stop for Berkshire Museum docket SJ-2018-065 at John Adams courthouse #BostonMA supreme court
– Good Morning Gloucester Blog by Catherine

March 6, 2018
Berkshire Museum, AG respond to art sale opponents in SJC filings

– Larry Parnass, Berkshire Eagle

March 3, 2018
Museum, AG to rebut ‘friend of court’ briefs in art sale case

– Larry Parnass, Berkshire Eagle

February 27, 2018
‘Special Master’ urged to oversee Berkshire Museum finances, changes

– Larry Parnass, Berkshire Eagle

February 26, 2018
Members of the Berkshire Museum Ask Supreme Judicial Court to Stop Berkshire Museum’s Deaccession Plan – by Nicholas O’Donnell, Sullivan & Worcester

February 14, 2018
Berkshire Eagle Podcast | S02 Ep5: Settlement with Attorney General Gives Berkshire Museum Nearly All It Sought

February 13, 2018
Stop Measuring The Arts In Merely Financial Terms, Says MassArt President
– Commentary by David Nelson, WBUR

February 12, 2018
Lynn Villency Cohen: Assessing AG-museum accord
– Lynn Villency Cohen

February 11, 2018
AG’s legal options limited in Berkshire Museum case; art sale opponents regroup
– Larry Parnass, Berkshire Eagle

February 10, 2018
Berkshire Museum Will Gut Its Collection, Berkshire Fine Arts, Charles Giuliano

January 27, 2018
The Berkshire Museum defends its most important asset: its open doors
– Boston Globe, Jeff Jacoby

January 24, 2018
Should Museums Be Allowed to Sell Donated Works of Art?,
– Observer, Daniel Grant

January 20, 2018
Selling off paintings to keep admission prices low ignores museums’ mission,
– San Francisco Chronicle, Charles Desmaris

January 17, 2018
Legal Bills: Who’s paying the freight for the Berkshire Museum?,
– Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass

When Berkshire Museum injunction ends, private art sale could follow, attorney cautions 
– Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass

January 11, 2018
Derision for Admission Revision: Parsing the Metropolitan Museum’s New Mandatory Fees
– Culturgrrl, Lee Rosenbaum

January 4, 2018
Attorney General’s report reasserts opposition to Berkshire Museum art sale,
– Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass

January 3, 2018
Attorney General on track to wrap up Berkshire Museum inquiry, 
– Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass

December 30, 2017
Berkshire Museum art sale timeline, Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass

Top Stories of 2017: Berkshire Museum’s planned art sale draws national attention
– Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass

December 27, 2017
Van Shields returns part time to Berkshire Museum after medical leave
– Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass

December 19, 2017
No lower court resolution in sight for Berkshire Museum litigation
– Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass

December 15, 2017
Legislation next agenda item for Save the Art group, Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass

December 13, 2017
Appeals Court justice extends injunction on Berkshire Museum art sale
– Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass

Secret Documents Reveal How the Berkshire Museum Manipulated Its Board Into Liquidating Its Collection,
– artnet News, Felix Salmon

December 12, 2017
Sotheby’s contract waives withdrawal fee if AG disputes Berkshire Museum art sale
– Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass

Berkshire Museum reached for ‘silver’ solution through arts sales
– Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass

December 11, 2017
Berkshire Museum releases impounded court documents,
– Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass

December 9, 2017
Berkshire Museum assails Attorney General’s probe as ‘one-sided’,
– Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass

December 7, 2017
Attorney General seeks more time for Berkshire Museum art sale probe,
– Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass

December 4, 2017
Berkshire Museum pushes for speedy appeal, citing ‘precarious condition
– Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass

Connecticut College museum studies students debate Berkshire Museum art sale 
– Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass

December 2, 2017
No quick result expected in Berkshire Museum litigation,
– Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass

December 1, 2017
Museum’s lawyer asks Eagle to address ‘potential conflicts of interest’,
– Berkshire Eagle, Larry Parnass






December 31, 2017
Our Opinion: Building a stronger 2018 in Berkshires, Berkshire Eagle

December 12, 2017
Our Opinion: A tail-wagging welcome for the Museum of Dog, Berkshire Eagle

October 31, 2017
Our Opinion: Berkshire Museum, halt the art auction, Berkshire Eagle

August 4, 2017
Norman Rockwell’s Paintings belong in the Berkshires, Boston Globe, Geoffrey Rockwell and Margaret Rockwell

August 2, 2017
Unsolicited Advice for the Berkshire Museum, Cause&Effect, Felix Salmon

July 31, 2017
Our Opinion: Lack of openness is undermining museum’s cause, Berkshire Eagle

July 26, 2017
Berkshire Museum to Dump Norman Rockwells, Gurney Journey, James Gurney

July 18, 2017
Betraying Norman Rockwell,  Cause&Effect, Felix Salmon

July 12, 2017
Our Opinion: Berkshire Museum’s ambitious reboot, Berkshire Eagle





January 26, 2018
Instead of selling objects, build public trust, Berkshire Eagle, Nina Simon

January 16, 2018
Carole Owens: Finding preservation/growth balance, Berkshire Eagle

January 9, 2018
Lynn Villency Cohen: What’s next for Berkshire Museum?, Berkshire Eagle

December 30, 2017
Clarence Fanto: Making book on Berkshires stories to watch in 2018, Berkshire Eagle

December 25, 2017
Eric Rudd: A compromise proposal to save art, and museum, Berkshire Eagle

December 10, 2017
Ruth Bass: Hurrying or dragging? Happy medium can be the best tempo, Berkshire Eagle

October 31, 2017
Gilles Heno-Coe: Region’s cultural heritage is threatened by art sale
, Berkshire Eagle

October 27, 2017
Barbara Palmer: Thoughts on the Berkshire Museum tragedy,  Berkshire Eagle 

October 22, 2017
Ruth Bass: From houses to objects, Berkshire treasures its treasures, Berkshire Eagle

October 17, 2017
Francis Moriarty: Art, local identity and civics, Berkshire Eagle

October 15, 2017
E.J. Johnson: Faulty reasoning behind museum’s new vision, Berkshire Eagle





August 30, 2017
Massachusetts AG’s Office Is Reviewing Berkshire Museum Plan, WAMC

August 28, 2017
Berkshire Museum Board President Turns Down $1M Donation Hinged On Pausing Sale Of Art, WAMC, JD Allen

August 14, 2017
Norman Rockwell Director Defends Berkshire Museum Trustees, Not Their Plan, WAMC, JD Allen

August 12, 2017
Art At Auction Brings Protestors Outside Berkshire Museum, WAMC, JD Allen
Pittsfield protesters rally in support of art, WNYT, Albany, NY
Facing criticism, Berkshire Museum defends sale plan Auction of valued objects to finance change of mission, WRGB, Albany, NY

August 9, 2017
Should museums be able to sell their art? This museum says its future depends on it, PBS NewsHour, Dayana Morales Gomez 

August 5, 2017
Norman Rockwell Family Frowns At His Art At Auction, WAMC, JD Allen





The bulk of the following Letters to the Editor are to be found in the Berkshire Eagle unless otherwise noted

March 19, 2018
Crane should continue to live on in museum 

March 13, 2018
Crane gifts to museum would be painful loss 

March 10, 2018
Museum’s ‘New Vision’ not what youth need

March 8, 2018
Why are trustees insistent on shufflin
off Rockwells?

March 5, 2018
Community must demand end to museum art sale 

February 28, 2018
Sale would devastate potential cultural corridor

February 16, 2018
I Publius: ‘Compromise’ on art dispute fails the smell test

January 6, 2018
Letter: Barnum would be proud of museum’s strategy

January 1, 2018
Letter: Museum should market, not sell its valuable art

December 28, 2017
Letter: Museum is priority, not the pictures

December 18, 2017
Letter: A prescription for the Berkshire Museum

December 12, 2017
Letter: Museum must back up claim of dire finances

December 11, 2017
Letter: Protect our common property at museum
Letter: How to succeed at a regional museum

December 8, 2017
Letter: Museum should have transparent discussion
Letter: Selling art is a betrayal
Letter: Museum might need an independent monitor
Letter: Don’t tear heart out of Berkshire Museum
Letter: Museum’s purpose was never about artwork

December 7, 2017
Letter: Museum board should accept Hinds’ overture
Letter: Eagle is right to pursue facts on museum plan

December 6, 2017
Letter: Berkshire Museum still won’t provide transparency

December 5, 2017
Letter: Eagle conflict of interest on Berkshire Museum

November 27, 2017
Letter: All parties must unite for museum end game, Philip Deely, Stockbridge

November 9, 2017
Letter: Loss of great art makes museum poor, not rich
Letter: Museum should give art to local institutions

November 8, 2017
Letter: Museum is throwing art under the bus

November 6, 2017
Letter: Save museum artwork for future generations

November 5, 2017
Letter: Sale of art heritage sets bad precedent
Letter: No rivaling Smithsonian

November 1, 2017
Letter: Museum‘s proud history extends into present
Letter: ‘Bold step forward’ has got it backwards
Letter: Youthful museum visitors shouldn’t be sold short
Letter: Critics of art sale are undermining museum